Dunga has rubbished the claims that he is showing reluctance in picking those who are parts of the Italian top tier clubs.

In the Selecao squad that Dunga named yesterday for the games to be played in the coming weeks, the name of Hernanes was missing and it’s Kaka who was preferred over him.

Apart from Hernanes, the other player whose exclusion sparked a bit of surprise was Alex Sandro.

Some of the experts reckon both Hernanes as well as Sandro deserved to have found themselves in.

As per Dunga though, it is not possible for him to select everyone. He can only finalize 23 names. But, if somebody is not there, it doesn’t mean he has any grudges against him or the league that he is taking part in.

Speaking to a news channel the previous evening, the boss said, “There are talks that I am not paying attention to the players in Italy. I can assure you there is nothing like that. You see Miranda is there. Which league he plays in? Doesn’t he play for a Serie A team? And, he is one of the most vital cogs in our line up.”

“You know when you sit to finalize the squad; you can only pick a certain number of guys. So, a few would always miss out, but, they are not forgotten. I always keep in touch with all of them.”

“As far as Alex is concerned, he has got a lot of natural ability and if he continues doing the hard yards, there’s very little doubt that he will be a huge success at the international level in the time to come.”

Sandro has had the chance to feature for Brazil in only 6 games till now.