The arrival of Tite has seen David Luiz being snubbed from Brazil

The 55 year old manager Tite took over the Brazilian national side on June of 2016 as he replaced Dunga who was fired and now it’s Tite’s task to start pushing Brazil forward and guide them to the qualification stages of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Brazil is currently pitted at the top of the CONMEBOL group with 27 points out of their 12 matches that they have played so far at the time of writing this article. The Brazilian side is one the favorites of snatching the top spot and qualify for the upcoming worldwide football competition.

All of this is good news for supporters of Brazil as it seems like Tite has been doing a good job since taking over the national team almost 1 year ago.

Unfortunately for David Luiz, his time with Brazil has been diminishing as the 29 year old defender of Chelsea has not been called up ever since Tite arrived. (more…)

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Ronaldo Delima is not happy with the constant taunting of his current stature and the Brazil legend has voiced out his dissatisfaction.

When the former player reunited with his former teammates at the Santiago Bernabeu recently Newcastle legend Michael Owen took a jibe at him but Ronaldo did not ‘feel’ it at all.

Owen most likely intended to make a light joke when he tweeted: “I thought I was putting the pounds on until I saw my old mate Ronnie!”

Ronaldo did not take the issue lightly and he responded at the FIFA Best Player Award ceremony in Zurich, Switzerland, saying: “I am shocked as to how much importance my weight garners in the world we live in. I don’t know why it is so important, to be honest.” (more…)

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The bodies of the dead 71 people killed in the plane crash in Columbia are being returned home.

The Brazilian football team’s hometown is preparing for a memorial service in their honour. The planned memorial’s venue is the team’s stadium in Chapeco where more than 100,000 people are expected to attend.

Chapecoense had a fairy tale route to a regional final where they were flying to before the accident. Only six people survived the plane crash near Medellin – the venue for the final match. Top dignitaries in football will be at the memorial. President Michel Temer of Brazil is expected to be at the airport as the bodies arrive but is believed would miss the event at the stadium as rumours of a protest circulate. FIFA president Gianni Infantino and top football faces are expected at the event.

Hundreds of people lined up on the road, paying their final respect amidst free flowing tears as the bodies were taken to the airport in Medellin on Friday. Series of flights have been planned to the different countries of the victims.

Supporters of the Brazilian side held a vigil ahead of the memorial service. The bodies of the vctims are poised to be carried during a funeral procession through the city before ending up at the ceremony at the stadium. (more…)

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Dunga will fly to Europe this week

Brazil’s national team manager Dunga will fly to Europe this week in order to hold talks with several major European clubs.

He will be talking about the potential release of superstars, who he hopes will help Brazil win the Rio 2016 Olympics. Brazil have not been successful in the Olympics and this is the only trophy missing from their cabinet. The closest Brazil and Neymar came was in 2012 when they managed to come as the runners up. Buoyed by the home advantage, the nation is hoping to strike gold in the upcoming edition. Hence, they are looking to take full advantage of the global stars on offer. (more…)

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Dunga has rubbished the claims that he is showing reluctance in picking those who are parts of the Italian top tier clubs.

In the Selecao squad that Dunga named yesterday for the games to be played in the coming weeks, the name of Hernanes was missing and it’s Kaka who was preferred over him.

Apart from Hernanes, the other player whose exclusion sparked a bit of surprise was Alex Sandro.

Some of the experts reckon both Hernanes as well as Sandro deserved to have found themselves in.

As per Dunga though, it is not possible for him to select everyone. He can only finalize 23 names. But, if somebody is not there, it doesn’t mean he has any grudges against him or the league that he is taking part in.

Speaking to a news channel the previous evening, the boss said, “There are talks that I am not paying attention to the players in Italy. I can assure you there is nothing like that. You see Miranda is there. Which league he plays in? Doesn’t he play for a Serie A team? And, he is one of the most vital cogs in our line up.”

“You know when you sit to finalize the squad; you can only pick a certain number of guys. So, a few would always miss out, but, they are not forgotten. I always keep in touch with all of them.”

“As far as Alex is concerned, he has got a lot of natural ability and if he continues doing the hard yards, there’s very little doubt that he will be a huge success at the international level in the time to come.”

Sandro has had the chance to feature for Brazil in only 6 games till now.





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