The arrival of Tite has seen David Luiz being snubbed from Brazil

The 55 year old manager Tite took over the Brazilian national side on June of 2016 as he replaced Dunga who was fired and now it’s Tite’s task to start pushing Brazil forward and guide them to the qualification stages of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Brazil is currently pitted at the top of the CONMEBOL group with 27 points out of their 12 matches that they have played so far at the time of writing this article. The Brazilian side is one the favorites of snatching the top spot and qualify for the upcoming worldwide football competition.

All of this is good news for supporters of Brazil as it seems like Tite has been doing a good job since taking over the national team almost 1 year ago.

Unfortunately for David Luiz, his time with Brazil has been diminishing as the 29 year old defender of Chelsea has not been called up ever since Tite arrived.

“I am disappointed to not be in the Brazil squad, but I respect the decision. I’m playing regularly and trying to do my best to come back into the squad. The international break gives me a good chance to rest my knee. It is a very good thing for me. Only I feel the pain so nobody knows how hard it has been to cope with’’ Chelsea’s David Luiz said as he voiced his disappointment in not getting called up to represent Brazil for their upcoming qualification matches against Uruguay and Paraguay on March 23 and March 28 respectively of the ongoing year.

David Luiz is a consistent starter for Antonio Conte in Chelsea and he is working hard to not only help the English club in winning the Premier League title but the 29 year old defender also wants to get back into the international scene and represent Brazil, something that he has not been able to do since Tite arrived.