It is almost a year that Tite took charge of the Brazil team and what an impact he has made on the team. When he took over, Brazil was a team suffering from a humiliating defeat at the World Cup and Copa America, and many pundits had written them off for the upcoming World Cup in Russia.

However, Tite will change their fortunes around and help the players believe in themselves. The performance speaks for itself with Brazil winning 9 games out of 10 counting for the qualifiers. Indeed Brazil are already qualified for the next World Cup and can now focus on building a team that will allow them to perform in Russia.

Former Brazil player Tostao believes that Tite has made an amazing job with the Brazilian team and that the manner that the players are playing at the moment demonstrates that they are all ready to perform at the next World Cup.

Interestingly Tite did not make a lot of changes in terms of personnel compared to the team that was humiliated in previous tournaments. What he has brought is a playing system and a better team play. More often than not the past Brazil teams were relying on one or two individualities such as Neymar to bring the occasional spark.

But this time there is a team that plays like a unit, and with the introduction of players such as Coutinho as well as Jesus in the team, there is more balance in the team, and they do not have to rely on Neymar for goals.

Tite said that it is always an honor to manage your national team and that he is looking forward to participating at the World Cup finals in Russia. He believes that the team has a good chance there, but there are by no means the favorite.